Democratic Women of Santa Barbara currently has the following active committees:

Communications – Chairwomen, Lucrezia DeLeon – Manage organization communications including newsletter, emails, website, social media and media releases.

Elections, Endorsements and Legislation – Co-chairwomen, Meredith Murr and Kerry Parker – The E.E.L. Committee oversee the Democratic Women endorsement process each calendar year. Members assess which races will be considered, prepare a candidate questionnaire, conduct interviews and make recommendations to the Board.

Nominations – Co-chairwomen, Marian Shapiro and EJ Borah – The Nominations Committee reviews the status and effectiveness of current Officers and Board members and make appropriate recommendations. .

Membership – Co-chairwomen, Jill Dexter and JoAnne Meade Young – The Membership Committee review membership goals yearly. Maintain the membership roster and protect its proprietary nature. Forward names and contact information for new and returning members who have expressed interest in committee participation to the appropriate committee chairs and assist with tabling for promotion of Democratic Women at local events hosted by our coalition partners or other non-profit organizations.

Events – Co-chairwomen, Claudette Roehrig – The Events Committee plans and executes the two major public events for Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County: the Annual Fundraiser and the Annual Membership Meeting.

Programs – Co-chairwomen, Christy Stillwell and Molly Wetta – The Programs Committee will plan and conduct educational programs and shall plan endorsed candidates events as needed.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact us. Thank you.